Monthly Archives: August 2008

Superbad – 2007 – Greg Mottola

A very funny high school movie with McLouvin, the greatest character since Stiffler. McLouvin is entrusted with the responsibility of buying the booze for a party with the jocks when a robbery of the booze shop turns his life from bad to superbad. Jonah Hill and Michael Cera make up a great pair of idiot geeks. Brian Murray


Tropic Thunder – 2008 – Ben Stiller

Ben Stiller’s latest comedy is a mixed bag of laughs and groans, pity it’s all a bit formulaic. A star studded cast is plonked in the middle of Vietnam, and have to act their way out of the jungle, while the script is being rewritten. Watch it for the hilarious opening trailers. JJ

Naked Beneath The Water – 2006 – Sean Cain

A terrible movie about the unreality of reality TV. Some cynical TV executives exploit stupid idiots to fake a serial killer murder reality-TV show. Along the way their plan backfires and they get killed. Terrible as a bag of chips marinated in water for a week. Brian Murray

The Boss of It All – 2006 – Lars von Trier

Lars von Trier lightens up significantly with this absurd Beckett-esque comedy. The film keeps the Dogme 95 aesthetic that von Trier pioneered as it follows an out of work actor who becomes an accidental director of a company. In parts it feels like a Danish version of The Office, but more off kilter and less intense. JJ

Timber Falls – 2008 – Tony Giglio

A couple of city slickers are befriended by a passer-by in the woods. When the stranger sees them doing the horizontal shuffle in their tent she decides to give them some good Christian wrath forcing them to marry so that she may steal the offspring. Story about average, redneck America. Brian Murray

Wall-E – 2008 – Andrew Stanton

A rip-off of the charming Johnny-5 from Short Circuit; this is a film firmly for the kids. Simple themes: good versus evil, and love. Can’t argue with that. Cute, but surely not worth much attention. Brian Murray

It’s 2700 and global warming has turned Earth into a wasteland, abandoned by all but adorable robot Wall-E and his cockroach best friend. Life is mundane until a super-sleek fembot is sent out to find signs of life. Despite Disney’s obvious capitalisation of ‘going green,’ the film is irresistibly cute. Cristina Pittelli

The Dark Knight – 2008 – Christopher Nolan

Christian Bale as Batman, Heath Ledger as the Joker, Michael Caine as Alfred, Aaron Eckhart Harvey Dent/Two-Face; Gary Oldman as Commissioner Gordon, flawless. Maybe, maybe not, but a great action movie, with lovable rogues. Brian Murray

Having reinvented the Dark Knight with Batman Begins, director Christopher Nolan lets go of the reins somewhat with his follow up. Heath Ledger as the Joker is the definitive villain archetype. The action is excellent, when it comes, and while it is long it’s most definitely one you got to watch. JJ

In a word: overrated. The movie is well-produced; but the paltry subplots, laughable dialogue, and Batman’s voice (sounds like Freddy Kruger) are disappointing. Ledger was great but Oscar-worthy? There’s too much moralistic drivel to say this movie is really dark. Nonetheless, is a movie good just because it is dark? William Hilderbrandt