Monthly Archives: July 2008

Couscous – 2007 – Abdel Kechiche

Much in the vein of Arau’s Like Water for Chocolate and Hallstrom’s Chocolat, but deeper, livelier, and much darker. One can’t help feeling that Tunisian-born Kechiche thinks that all is futile. This is an uncut diamond. A new cut and 30 minutes less wouldn’t hurt this a bit. Omid Nikfarjam


There Will be Blood – 2007 – Paul Thomas Anderson

blood.jpgA charismatic but solitary oil tycoon uses his adopted son to charm his way to success. Underneath his professionalism, Daniel Plainview (Daniel Day-Lewis) is a madman and a ruthless opportunist. Day-Lewis’ execution is off the charts, it’s hard to discern if he’s evil or just a tortured soul – something a more prominent sub-plot could have shed light on. Cristina Pittelli

Piety meets the pipeline in this epic tale of oil, greed and false prophets. Daniel Day Lewis is hypnotic as an entrepreneurial ‘oil lord’ – his voice, his ruthlessness, his unnerving grin and manic tendencies. The lesson to be learned; oil men are mad men. JJ

The Visitor – 2007 – Thomas McCarthy

The VisitorOne of the best post-9/11 dramas, The Visitor is a subtle, heart-warming story about a lonely American professor whose passion for music leads him to find compansionship with the most far-fetched people. Jenkins, in the lead role, truly deserves an Oscar for best actor. Omid Nikfarjam

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang – 2005 – Shane Black

Kiss Kiss Bang BangOkay so KKBB is meant to be fun and enjoyable, after all it’s got a gay private detective, a fast talking New Yorker, a wannabe actress who appears in beer commercials with a talking bear and a double digit body count. But like a whoopee cushion it’s mildly funny yet mostly annoying. JJ

Sherry Baby – 2006 – Laurie Collyer

Maggie Gyllenhall plays the eponymous Sherry Baby, a recovering heroin addict just released from a three year stint in prison. The film focuses on her attempts to rehabilitate, reconnect with her daughter and become a working member of society. While the storyline is neither original nor unpredictable Gyllenhall is singularly impressive. JJ

Leatherheads – 2008 – George Clooney

A typical George Clooney romance romp set in the early part of the last century. In his quest to legitimise American football he meets a fiery reporter, who is looking to destroy the reputation of a national hero, and they fall in love. Crap. Brian Murray