September Dawn – 2006 – Christopher Cain

A story about the darker side of Mormanism, based on true events. The Mormans carry out a charm offensive against immigrants crossing through their land en route to California only to trick them and massacre them – including defenseless, women and children, and without motive. In this, as always, is hidden a love story. Brian Murray


2 responses to “September Dawn – 2006 – Christopher Cain

  1. This movie was made to make mormons(The Jesus Christ Church of Latter Day Saints) look bad, i just started watching this movie and i was appauled by how evil they make the mormons look, i have nothing against catholics, but i’m sure Christopher Cain(he wrote the movie) is Catholic, because catholics despise us, and the part in the movie where the bishop’s son is talking to the girl when they were talking about punishment is all wrong, we do not punish like that, catholics were the ones that punished themselves by whipping themselves, My church teaches to forgive and to love your enemy, not to hold a grudge because of the martyr of Joseph Smith, we believe in repentance and atonement, we turn the other cheek and we forgive, Christopher Cain blew this movie way out of proportion

  2. I have yet to see Sept Dawn – so I can’t comment on the film itself. I’ll see if Brian will comment further. However from what I have read Dir. Christopher Cain made the movie to show how religion and extremism are still relevant today. Hollywood always stands accused of misrepresenting history, that’s for sure, just as religion, despite its universal appeal for peace, is also a used as a clarion call for violence.
    JJ – Ed

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