Michael Clayton – 2007 – Tony Gilroy

Why on earth Tilda Swinton landed a Best Supporting Actress Oscar for her barely-there roll in Michael Clayton baffles me. Still this post-Enron thriller starring George Clooney as a corporate fixer is decent, if muddled. Compared with a Grisham thriller it’s far more understated and subtle and the better for it. JJ


One response to “Michael Clayton – 2007 – Tony Gilroy

  1. Michael Clayton was well done and the cast was almost picture perfect. Tida Swinton, i noticed is type cast for the same roles – the antagonist, she devil looking to take control of everything.
    i.e Constantine as Gabriel, Narnia as the Ice Queen, and now Michael Clayton as the Mob Boss Attorney. She Played an Awesome role in this movie, as a supporting actror she should be in the movie a whole lot which is perfect and she righfully deserved that Oscar.

    That’s just me making a statement.



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