Iron Man – 2008 – Jon Favreau

Iron Man makes a semi-entertaining silver screen debut. From the get-go there is promise, the chutzpah and wit of Robert Downey Jr, some nefarious Middle Eastern gunmen (they’ve replaced the Soviets since 9-11) and a bodily transformation. However, IM fails to deliver and doesn’t rise above your standard superhero fare. Expect a sequel.JJ

Another transformation of the comic book to the big screen by Marvel, and like so many before it remains as average. If you read them as a kid I’m sure its everything you ever wanted, but I didn’t really see it as being even nearly close to Spiderman, whether that’s bad or good. Again, America demonising Muslims. Brian Murray


2 responses to “Iron Man – 2008 – Jon Favreau

  1. Iron Man was a practically flawless hero flick; its makers drop some pretty obvious sequel hints too… i’m thinking the next one should be equally great

  2. I’d Don’t know i think JJ’s post about iron man is similair to what i was feeling about the movie. Don’t get me wrwong i liked it ( a bit) ok alot but once you leave the theatre it doesn’t have the affect of HEY! i just watced a really good movie and i didn’t want it to end . Like Transformers… i wanted to stay in that theatre until they played the sequel.

    I’m just making a statement.


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