Monthly Archives: May 2008

Buffalo Soldiers – 2001 – Gregor Jordan

Joaquin Phoenix plays an opportunistic American soldier stationed in Germany prior to the end of the Cold War with nothing to fight except boredom and the occasional superior officer. Makes me ponder what Yossarian from Catch 22 could have been like if he sold American WMDs on the black market. JJ


Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull – 2008 – Steven Spielberg

Calling all Hollywood stereotypes! All-American hero fights evil Russians with funny accents, check. Gets the girl of his dreams, check. Solves the mystery and saves his friends – all without breaking a sweat – or losing his hat, check check check! Perfect – if you’re in the mood for some cheap thrills. Cristina Pittelli

Spielberg has done this the old-fashioned way and the texture and color of the film are a testimony to this. Indy looks for a crystal skull that would gives supreme power. Brace yourselves for a close encounter of the 4th kind! Omid Nikfarjam

Adventures rarely beget the levels of fantasy in an Indiana Jones escapade. Despite the sluggish start it does pick up when the swashbuckling hits the jungle. However, I can’t help feeling that it was a cynical exercise by Spielberg, more interested in keeping the franchise alive than making a fine Indy adventure.JJ

The Girl Next Door – 2004 – Luke Greenfield

An absolutely unrealistic, but entertaining, depiction of American high school. The girl next door turns out to be a porn star, and falls in love with the boy next door. It peaks with them having to make educational porn to raise scholarship money to import the next Einstein from Cambodia. Brian Murray

Charlie Bartlett – 2007 – Jon Poll

In this funny and warm movie, Charlie is a 17-year-old Catcher-In-the-Rye troubled teenager who takes the role of a psychiatrist in school and manages to transform the lives of some of his fellow students along with his own. Anton Yelchin as Charlie glitters and there are some genuine jokes. Omid Nikfarjam

Schwarze Schafe – 2006 – Oliver Rihs

The most successful production in Berlin after City of Angels, this time without angels, only funny, sad, lucky, fucked up people in the ‘new’ cultural capital of Europe. Five stories to understand how the East sees the West (Germany) or the North the South (Europe). Mario Alemi

Run Fatboy Run – 2007 – David Schwimmer

A cute love story about a lazy bastard who has to run the London marathon to win the respect of his son, and win back the woman he left at the altar many years earlier from the clutches of the perennial successful American businessman. Not brilliant, but a more manly love story. Brian Murray

Shredder – 2003 – Greg Huson

\"Shredder\"An awful movie about reckless snowboarders. Man’s daughter gets killed by snowboarders, he wants revenge, blah, blah, blah. Use the DVD to prop up an uneven table. Brian Murray