Monthly Archives: March 2008

Dead Man’s Cards – 2006 – James Marquand

dmc.jpgPossibly the worst thing ever to come out of the north of England if you discount Pot Noodle or Jimmy Saville –Dead Man’s Cards is as charmless as a disused coal pit. It’s the story of two sort of morally upstanding door men pitted against delinquent door men. I choose the bubonic plague over re-watching this. JJ


Torment – 2008 – Steve Sessions

tmentcvr.gifA very dodgy movie where Mormons are kidnapped and tortured by a deranged clown. A couple is looking for a break from the big city life at a cabin for the weekend, when they meet this clown. The female lead is supposed to have had a minor psychotic episode, but looks more like shes on the run from her stripping job. Brian Murray

Bourne Ultimatum – 2007 – Paul Greengrass

b.jpgThe final instalment of Jason Bourne’s adventures to learn of his forgotten past is intense, yet cool and composed.  By far, the best action-thriller of the decade. I got high on the Waterloo Station sequence. Omid Nikfarjam

Deconstructing Harry – 1997 – Woody Allen

wa.jpgTypical Woody Allenesque movie with fantastic jokes that are nostalgic reminders of his earliest works. With a touch of meta-fiction and postmodernism, this is sophisticated and hilarious! Omid Nikfarjam

Syriana – 2005 – Stephen Gaghan

sy.jpgA complex and compelling tale of corruption and retribution. Works best in its portrayal of outsiders; George Clooney as a cast-out from the CIA machine, Jeffrey Wright as the black virtuous lawyer, the Saudi reformist Prince and the young Pakistani terrorist,  all connected and complicit in a nefaorius web. One to watch. JJ

Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street – 2007 – Tim Burton

st.jpgGlamorous costumes, great set designs and cinematography, and a fantastic dark atmosphere that’s become Tim Burton’s trademark – unfortunately comes to nothing. I don’t know why the hell he thought this had to be a musical. Omid Nikfarjam  

Salaam-e-Ishq – 2007 – Nikhil Advani

bollywood.jpgSplit in to six separate narratives, each movie has a happy, loving ending. Advani has done a good job in combining elements such as romance, humour, tragedy, leading to understanding the emotion of love. Whilst the movie is only a one-time watch, the songs make up for it all! Neha Kumar