I am Legend – 2007 – Francis Lawrence

images2.jpegUh, “I am Sorry”, but did I miss something? Oh yes … the point of this movie! I rooted for IAL (think 28 Days Later does the Big Apple), but what promised to be a thrilling blockbuster of one man’s quest to reverse an apocalyptic nightmare turned out to be the equivalent of a super long trailer … without the climax. Come on people! Cristina Pittelli

If God saw the movie he/she would have good reason to desire the extinction of humankind. Only bodybuilders (Will Smith) and Apple products (iMac, eMac, MacPro, iPhone, iPod) would survive a virus which makes you as strong as spiderman, as stupid as a rat, and allergic to UV rays. This is something you would expect to be written during a writers strike. Mario Alemi

So what if he has muscles, what soldier doesn’t lift weights? Who cares about Mac product placement? This story is significant because it shows the thin line distinguishing the emotional composition of man from beast. The first hour is pure suspense. William Hilderbrandt


2 responses to “I am Legend – 2007 – Francis Lawrence

  1. > The first hour is pure suspense

    and the remaining two are pure torture…

  2. Thought it was a repetition of Independence Day. The graphics were good, but nothing new with the theme!

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