The New Map of London

386051891_e1fd80dc5b.jpgThis is the map that all London estate agents give to their employees the first day on their job. (It started with Foxtons which endows all male employees with those little Mini Coopers to compensate for, well…) I’m pretty sure that red dot area is my back garden.

Map via From Memory: Flickr



One response to “The New Map of London

  1. The richest are getting poorer! Don’t believe people saying the Gini coefficient (income inequality) in the UK is increasing. In reality, says Stonehage (not working website) to the FT, they are getting poorer. Inflation for the wealthiest is the double than for the normal human beings. An example? Giuseppe Ciucci, CEO of the company quoted by the FT on Monday 5 November, noted that a case of Lafit Rothschild “has risen by a factor of three from 2002 to 2007”. Maybe because the wine gets more expensive with the time? Nope. “CPI [Consumer Price Index] is far too conservative a measure of inflation to use when advising ultra-high-networth families,” said Mr Ciucci to the FT, and prices measured with the Stonehage Affluent London Living Index (SALLI) have risen in the last 5 years by 13.79 percent. CPI was just 7.23 percent. Goods in the SALLI? Private schools fees, penthouses in central London, grouse shooting, fine wine and excellent cigars.

    Mr Ciucci did not say how much the salaries of the ultra-high-networth families increased in the last five years.

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