A Crude Awakening: The Oil Crash – 2006 – Basil Gelpke/Ray McCormack

cover_image.jpgThe medium may be overburdened but the message is serious; ‘dude where’s the oil gone?’ ‘Awakening’ tackles the question of what next after the most ‘invaluable natural resource’ runs out. Stacked with harbingers entreating the viewer to consider the possibility that future generations will travel no further than the corner shop. Enlightening if overwrought.


One response to “A Crude Awakening: The Oil Crash – 2006 – Basil Gelpke/Ray McCormack

  1. Fred & Doris Melberg

    Content of the film was excellent, though for us it was preaching to the converted. The special features of complete interviews with Colin Campbell, Matt Simmons, Chalabi and Phillip Goodstein were especially excellent. Having said that, the design of the film itself was awful. May we ask, would you send your children to a school, or when they grew up, to a college, were the teacher/instructor/professor had to try to talk over music so loud and so raucous that the child would have to pay the very closest attention to just barely hear any part of it? Would this really add to the child’s acquisition of knowledge? Or would you care to attend a board meeting in your organization in which a similar situation obtained, and worse, where your eyes were assaulted continually by two second rapid flashes of surrealistic scenes in unnaturally rapid motion? Your film is supposed to be a documentary; a medium through which to teach and instruct. Is anyone likely to be able to learn anything in such a frenetic atmosphere; I think not. Suggestions: If it is still on a separate recording, take the bloody music out! It isn’t necessary, and can only detract from the purpose of the film. And re-edit the film, to remove the rapid-fire and fast motion sequences; they add nothing.

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