Juno – 2007 – Jason Reitman

My film-watching partner and I were in danger of hating Juno because of the unrealistic teenagers and their uber-trendy/intelligent/sarcastic vocab, as well as the super-cute folksy guitar soundtrack. But in the end, I fell head over heals for this quirky story about a pregnant teen and her oddball family and friends. Sweet, and hilarious, even if JJ isn’t convinced!
Cristina Pittelli


2 responses to “Juno – 2007 – Jason Reitman

  1. I’m just not used to pregnant 16-year olds being more eloquent than Jeremy Paxman and cooler than ice caps – but once you do get used to that it is funny and one2watch.
    Juno isn’t on release until the end of this year in North America and the start of next year for the rest of the world

  2. gabriele glendys

    well, i hate juno. and her sarcastic vocab.

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