Into the Wild – 2007 – Sean Penn

10m10.jpgMost men like their money; the odd one prefers wild berries. Sean Penn brings to the silver screen the beguiling true story of ‘Alexander Supertramp’ who turned his back on civilisation, for a peripatetic and often penniless existence. Drawn out but beautifully shot with a soulful soundtrack. Therapy in celluloid.


14 responses to “Into the Wild – 2007 – Sean Penn

  1. This film really made me think of the things that are important for us in life. My older brother once behave and thought the same way Alex Supkertramp did. We never understood why he did it and even when he was an US citizen he rather begged in the streets of Mexico having nothing in his posetion but a drum and an old guitar. He used to sing in the lonely streets and the many plazas, gathering money and earning his own food. He wanted to test himself up to a point wherre he could feel strong. He was 20 years at the time with a bright future, he spoke 3 languages and spoke some Italian. He dropped out of college and started a new life. I was so young at the time i recall i was 12 years old and I didn’t understand the reason behind his actions. Now I’m 18 years old and my brother is 26, he’s got a son and now he takes care of him but still recalls the many adventures he had. He is grateful that he made it alive and now he is telling those stories to his little son.

  2. today i saw the film. awe-some. struck by the overt “alone” vs. “happiness is best when shared” sentiments. lovely show, lovely man. thank you sean for putting it to film.

  3. Read the book when it first came out…was excited about seeing the movie….loved the book…loved the movie….makes me think of the times I thought about doing the same thing…will own the DVD when it comes out….

  4. Very inspiring film. Excellent soundtrack. Great story. I wish Chris would have lived to tell the story himself.

  5. I saw the film last nite. It makes me wonder why or if some of the most intelligent young men with true potential are also insane? What a waste of human life! It also makes me wonder if stories like this are the result of society getting further away from nature; perhaps this is why young men like McCandless turn to this type of experience to be “transformed.” Maybe it also resounds with our own desire to leave society and find our own way in the world. It is too bad that it had to end in tragedy… McCandless surely could have given us much to read and think about if he had not done himself in in this manner.

  6. I feel so much like alexander, I am so drawn to him. I don’t think his life was a waste, but an amazing adventure that led him to death, but to us, truth in his life that we can learn from.

    Live simple, so others may simply live
    (i don’t know were i heard this, but it is not mine)

  7. I can honestly say i have absolutely no idea why anyone would suggest that Chris McCandless wasted his life. He was an inspiration to us all. He realized his dream (living life to the fullest in the Alaskan wilderness) and fulfilled it. How many of you can say the same? The novel left me breathless, so in my eyes, Chris should be remembered as an transcendentalist and role model and just your average boy who trampled into the wilderness to stick it to the man.

  8. Ask yourself one simple question………Would you want your son to do what he did? If the answer is no, than he isn’t much of a role model now is he?

  9. Role model? That isn’t one persons place to say, so many people in life can be role models and things do happen for different reasons, whether you die jumping out of a plane driving a racecar or break your neck in some type of sporting accident. I went out west 20 years ago with little more than a few hundred dollars in my pocket, lived out a 1969 vw camper van (by choice) scampered back to indiana after less than a year with many stories I wouldn’t tell my kids about, but they were some of the best times of my life. I doubt he wanted this to happen, but I will forever remember Alexander Supertramp. Love from Indiana

  10. obviously from a parents point of view Mccandless wasn’t much of a role model because they could never imagine the awful pain that they would feel if their own son or daughter did this to them. But weren’t Chris’s ideas, and his morals, a role model? some people may say Chris was selfish, but his outlook on life and his ingenious perspective was what made him a true hero to me and many others

  11. Please dont judge Chris for one thing he did when he lived his dream. Chris left everything to pursue what he truly loved. The wild

  12. Allysa Supertramp

    Saw the DVD today. I can’t stop thinking about it. Chris (Alex) lived more ‘life’ in his short life than most of us live in a life-time. Life is NOT about money or status – it is about HOW you live it and what it truly means to you as an individual. One persons ‘accomplishments’ may mean something totally different to another. Thanks Alex Supertramp – and Sean Penn for bringing his reality to us! Allysa

  13. I have travelled in many countries, lived on the streets, played music to get something to eat. I lived on a very little island in the Pacific ocean. I know what loneliness is. I know what nature is. I just saw the movie and let me tell you something: this guy`s ideology was obviously fantastic. I also dropped university 2 months before getting my diploma for the same reasons. But, the way he made it was simply stupid. He committed suicide. That is sad. I doubt he had such a romantic look when he died because of starvation…Remember, “Hapiness exists only if it`s shared…”

  14. To find urself atleast once in most human ancient conditions with nothing to help you but your hands and your head.

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