The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford – 2007 – Andrew Dominik

assassinationofjessejames.gifTAJJbtCRF (even abbreviated it’s a mouthfull) brings the eponymous cowboys together for a train heist. Beautiful cinematography and well acted, it tries hard not to be a typical Western; loaded with flowery narration and poetic visual sequences. Succeeds in leaving one feeling bored and emotionally detached from a potentially great story.
Cristina Pittelli

Narrated in prose, directed in poetry – Cristina is correct, this is not a typical Western. Shoot-outs are few and infrequent, but this is more of character study than a “go for your guns.” Boring – okay a little at times, but Pittelli would rather have you sing karaoke to Mariah Carey! JJ


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