Savage Grace – 2007 – Tom Kalin

savage_grace.jpgThis is a true story, a book and now a shite film. A family of New York WASPs journey between the leisure spots favoured by European WASPs (Paris, London, Mallorca, the Riviera). The rest is incest, murder, threesomes, adultery, attempted suicide, sodomy. A tale of dysfunction and decadence. Only fit for a French audience.


2 responses to “Savage Grace – 2007 – Tom Kalin

  1. please I like this flim very more please can you send to my email

  2. This is for me an exceptional film. I found it both tedious and at times even boring but at the same time extraordinarily fascinating. The characters are depicted in a manner that renders the viewer shocked and hungry to know more of their inner workings. It was not so much a movie but rather an intense experience.An experience that haunted me for quite some time after leaving the theatre.

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