Shadow Man – 2006 – Michael Keusch

Steven Segal plays a larger than life Steven Segal. The ageing action hero is under siege from his expanding waistline. The former contender for ‘World’s Greatest Action Man’ moves less than he talks now – which is a pity – really. This bad action movie is the worst in Segal’s incredible canon – really.


2 responses to “Shadow Man – 2006 – Michael Keusch

  1. Sir,
    Clearly editors of the innane 50 word press don’t know talent when they see it. Segal’s eloquence, on par with statesman of ole, is matched only by his oily fists of fury. He must maintain his voracious appetite not because he wants to, but merely as a sign of stature. We should be so lucky to have a Segal film each year – truly a pompous pomp!

  2. No one doubts that Segal was great -it’s just his super powers are diminishing which kind of leaves his ‘acting’ exposed. I ask you Don Waffle who would win in a no-holds-barred rumble in the jungle – Segal or that other great Stallone. Answers on a postcard.

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