Monthly Archives: October 2007

Wolfsbergen – 2007 – Nanouk Leopold

wolfsbergen_01.jpgGod forbid you were stuck on a desert island and Wolfsbergen was the only thing on telly. What seemed like a typical existential drama about a dysfunctional Dutch family is completely charmless and 1,000,000 % depressing. I lost the will to live watching this. So did Cristina. I wouldn’t even subject French people to it. JJ


Tuya’s Marriage – 2006 – Quanan Wang

tuyas_marraige_011.jpgTuya’s got it tough; a crippled husband, two kids, three hundred sheep and a bleak future on the merciless plains of Inner Mongolia. What she needs is a man; cue a series of suitors. She should have stuck with her woolly dromedarian. Intractable drama; suitable for ethnographers and social anthropologists.  JJ

The Prestige – 2006 – Christopher Nolan

10m-1.jpgAn above average slice of Victorian pie. Rival magicians vie to create the ultimate magic trick, no holds barred. A lack of cohesiveness, with all involved appearing to aim for a different kind of movie, lets this otherwise good bit of fun down.
Sam Potts

Talk to Me – 2007 – Kasi Lemmons

10m12.jpgIt’s the civil rights era in the US and African-American Petey Green (Don Cheadle), an ex-con with the gift of the gab, lands his dream job as a radio DJ. This true story of his eventual rise to fame as inspirational civil rights figure was done with just the right amount of humour, sensitivity and style.

Cristina Pittelli 

Juno – 2007 – Jason Reitman

My film-watching partner and I were in danger of hating Juno because of the unrealistic teenagers and their uber-trendy/intelligent/sarcastic vocab, as well as the super-cute folksy guitar soundtrack. But in the end, I fell head over heals for this quirky story about a pregnant teen and her oddball family and friends. Sweet, and hilarious, even if JJ isn’t convinced!
Cristina Pittelli

The Sentinel – 2006 – Clark Johnson

Brainless ‘thriller’ starring Micheal Douglas, Kiefer Sutherland and Eva Longoria as secret service personnel. Douglas is accused of treason in a plot to assassinate the President, when his only crime is his secret affair with the first lady (Kim Bassinger). Sutherland proves he can’t act outside 24. Longoria, however, could bodyguard me anytime – wah, wah, wah!

The Edge of Heaven – 2007 – Faith Akin

poster01.jpg Akin, one of Europe’s best directors, sticks with familiar themes and territory, moving back and forth between Germany and Turkey with this ambitious ‘Traffic/Babel’ like movie. A series of tragic coincidences results in parallel narratives, which intertwine but never fully connect. It’s one of those movies that keeps playing even after you’ve left the theatre.