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The Three Burials of Melquiades Estrada -2005 – Tommy lee Jones

three_burials1.jpgThe eponymous Melquiades Estrada is a Mexican migrant working in America when he is mistakenly shot and hastily buried in the unforgiving landscape along the border of Texas and Mexico. His body is found and buried twice more in this sad but powerful directorial debut. One to watch.


Cherry Falls – 2000 – Geoffrey Wright

25m.jpgIf Cherry Falls had been the product of a group of adolescent boys it surely would have been better. Instead the director was given studio money to produce this ‘made-for-television gem’ about a killer seeking retribution by slaughtering high school virgins. Essential rubbish.

The Squid and the Whale – 2005 – Noah Baumbach

59m.jpgDirector Noah Baumbach draws on the experiences of his parent’s tumultuous divorce as the inspiration for this eminent drama. Two teenage boys, both cast in the moulds of their writer parents, deal with the break up in very different ways. It’s funny and compassionate and well worth a watch.

Broken Flowers – 2004 – Jim Jarmusch

Bill Murray is Billy Murray, as in I don’t know if he ‘acts’ or just ‘is’, either way in Broken Flowers he dons some cool 70s/80s threads, takes off on a road trip to unearth his romantic/prolific past. Jeffrey Wright (Winston) is excellent. Down beat with a sweet soundtrack.

I’m Not Rappaport – 1996 – Herb Gardner

38m.jpgThis is a good one – adapted from a play, two octogenarians meet regularly on a bench in Central Park. Nat (Walter Matthau) and Midge (Ossie Davis) are two rogues who despite their age still battle the world. Full of little adventures and humour – Walter Matthau steals the show.

Escape from New York -1981 – John Carpenter

dieklapperschlange_poster_03.jpgManhattan is a post apocalyptic prison over run by hideous criminals. Kurt Russell is Snake Plissken, clad in leather, a menacing eye patch and armed with about four lines of dialogue, sent into rescue the US president who has crash-landed into the mayhem. Truly amazing – Kurt Russell that is.

Adam and Paul – Leonard Abrahamson – 2004

poster.jpgTwo junkie friends trudge round their native Dublin, desperately trying to live out another day in their peripatetic existences. Understated and unsentimental this drama shows the other side of the shiny capital. The two leads are well acted – studded with humour, pathos and tragedy.